Online Divorce Process

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Step 2:  Online Questionnaire

After you sign up and pay online, we send you a link to an individualized online questionnaire.  The questionnaire process is designed to get to us the information we need to prepare your agreement. It’s not just a questionnaire though.  With many of the questions, you will see a resource box next to the area where you fill in information.  You click on the resource box and it will give you additional information.  This is designed to guide you through the process and answer any questions have about divorce issues.

Step 3:  Attorney Review

Once we receive the questionnaire, we begin a thorough review process.  At this point, if we have any questions or concerns we will discuss those with you.  New York Divorce Lawyers are involved with you in every step of the way for your online divorce.  Our New York Divorce Lawyers make sure we get your information right and that you are properly protected.

Download Our Free Divorce Guide