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Uncontested Divorce with Separation Agreement

If you would like a quick uncontested divorce online and you do not already have a separation agreement in New York, this is the best option for you. Our experienced New York Divorce Lawyers are here to help.

Most people need this option.

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Separation Agreement

The separation agreement option is for clients who do not wish to be divorced now. They simply wish to be legally separated. There are number of reasons why clients do not wish to move to a divorce. The most common is to maintain a family life or health insurance policy. Our experienced New York Divorce Lawyers are ready to help you.

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Conversion Divorce

A conversion divorce is the process of converting your agreement, or separation agreement into a judgment of divorce. We start by reviewing your agreement online and ensure that it complies with New York state law then we undertake the work necessary to obtain a judgment of divorce based on that agreement. Our New York Divorce Lawyers are widely experienced in Conversion Divorce Online.

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Mediated Divorce

Our mediated divorce option is for clients who have been to mediation and have a memorandum of understanding, or an MOU from a Mediator. Our New York Divorce Lawyers will review your agreement and prepare a legally binding agreement under New York law.

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New York Uncontested Divorce Online

The New York Divorce Lawyers at NYDivorceNow are experienced in divorce and matrimonial law.  If you are facing a situation where your marriage is not working out, our New York Divorce Lawyers offer quick and cheap options for an uncontested divorce online for New York State residents.

Jean Mahserjian, Esq and her team of New York Divorce Lawyers are dedicated to helping you get the best outcome for your uncontested divorce.  Whether you have had a short marriage, or a marriage without children, an uncontested divorce may be for you. Our New York Divorce Lawyers offer you a Quick Uncontested Divorce Online.

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