Conversion Divorce Option

If you would like a divorce and you already have a separation agreement this is the best option for you.


$1525 with Children. Price includes everything.

$1425 without Children. Price includes everything.

Click inside the first box below and select with or without children. Then simply fill out the form below and pay online to get started now. Our fee includes all legal fees, disbursements and filing fees.

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New York Conversion Divorce

Definition, Requirements, Pricing, and Quick Start Options Below

A conversion divorce is the process of converting your agreement, or separation agreement,  into a judgment of divorce. The Attorneys and Paralegals start by reviewing your agreement.  Our New York Divorce Lawyers ensure that it complies with New York state law.  Then our New York Divorce Lawyers undertake the work necessary to obtain a judgment of divorce based on that agreement.

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How do you get started with a Conversion Divorce?

Simply provide the basic information required on this page and select the get started now button. That will take you to our payment page, you will pay the fee and then we will contact you and let you know what we need from you to begin this process for you. If you have any question about this process, you can call our office at any time to speak to one of our experienced New York Divorce Lawyers. You can also review our divorce education series videos. These videos are there to help answer your questions and to provide you with information you need.

Requirements: You have a formal Separation or Settlement Agreement that has been properly signed and acknowledged by you and your spouse AND you have performed all of our obligations under the Separation or Settlement Agreement.

Since you already have a signed Separation and Settlement Agreement, you are eligible for a Conversion Divorce which incorporates the terms of your Separation or Settlement Agreement into a Judgment of Divorce.

Our New York Divorce Lawyers will prepare all of the papers necessary to obtain your Conversion Divorce, which will include a Judgment of Divorce that incorporates all of the terms of your Separation Agreement.

Payment Options
Payment can be made for our services either by credit card or check online.  You may also make arrangements to pay via mail by check, or by telephoning our offices to make arrangements for payment by credit card directly through our office. Services cannot be rendered prior to the receipt of payment.

Download Our Free Divorce Guide